Who reads Coffee News...

On March 15/2015 Coffee News conducted an email survey of our readers who enter our contests and submit What's Happening events on our website. The purpose of this survey was to better understand Coffee News readers, and receive suggestions about our services. These results may be skewed since only those who normally take the time to enter contests and events organizers were targetted. The results of that survey are as follows:

Gender:          Female: 67 %          Male: 33%

Age:                28% 18-34 Years Old
                        38% 35-54 Years old
                        19% 55-64 Years old
                        15% 65 +   Years old

Income:           42% Up to $50,000 per year  
                         32% $50,000 to $100,000 per eyar
                         26% over $100,000 per year

Frequency:     64% of our readers pick up Coffee News at least twice a month

Ad response:  51% of our readers have used an advertiser at some point

To see if those readers that have been caught reading Coffee News, scroll below:



              Phil's Restaurant - Calgary                                            Montana's - Edmonton

IMG 2106IMG 0893

                        Ramzi's - Westlock                                                        Not Provided

photo3IMG 0630

                                Edmonton                                                                Grande Prairie


                    Famous Donair - Edmonton                                                  Humpty's - Edmonton


                             Sherwood Park                                                                Not Provided


          Doan's Restaurant - Edmonton                                  ABC Country Restaurant - Edmonton


                     Boston Pizza - Strathmore                                           Tim Hortons - Edmonton

photo2IMG 2322

                                             Pizza 73                                                              Quality Inn - Edmonton

IMG 00001581photo11

                     A & W - Calgary                                                                     Smitty's - St. Albert