July 31/2017:  Reader - Nascar Race Winner:

Hi Walter, Thanks again so very much for the opportunity to take in the Nascar races this weekend.  It was great fun and four of us went both nights, getting full use of the tickets. Herman never showed up so we could not thank him also.  The BBQ dinner was very yummy, reserved seats were awesome, specified parking was great, and we felt pretty spoiled!!

So much appreciated and again, we love your Coffee News!!  (even more now than before).

I hope you enjoyed your golf, while we were out at the races cheering, needling each other as to who would win, and watching people around us that had far too much to drink.  When we left for the night, there was a huge line-up on the road, and we witnessed police having pulled over a vehicle and a man in handcuffs.  So that was the end of our night and we safely travelled home arriving safely there in one hour. 

Thank you and have a good week, Darlene Opdendries

July 24/2017: Reader - Coffee News guys Contest entrant

Coffee News® is now read by more than ten million people every week! – how very impressive!! I love the new email format change. 

I think its an awesome opportunity for your Restaurant partners to promote their establishments in your Deals and Coupons section. It’s a great opportunity for the regular readers to get in on some deals as well and who doesn’t love a deal?? I had an opportunity to deal with Coffee News 5 or 6 years ago when I worked at the Christmas Bureau.

I was so impressed with the willingness to support the community in so many ways.  I spread the word for sure!!!.

Its so awesome how it has grown over the years.  I love the information and jokes and facts.


Dear Walter, Sam and all at your office.

Just a quick note to let you know that we have just completed another very successful and rewarding season of song. Our non-profit group is now 113 years old.

On behalf of our director, accompanist, and all of my fellow choristers,   we applaud your efforts and truly appreciate the help that you have provided us this past season with our advertising. I will meet with our choir board tomorrow, and present my suggestions that we go with you again for upcoming concerts. I really appreciated the fact that you also added our gig to the What's Happening column.

Have a great summer, y'all ! 

Sincerely, Bob Morgan, Publicity Coordinator, St. David's Welsh Male Voice Choir

Sam - The ad looks friggin awesome! You are by far the best company we have found to work with. If you ever want a google review count us in with bells on. Caroline

Hi Sam: I received friendly and professional service and with regards to my ad everything was done precisely as I wanted it. I couldn't be more pleased with the layout and attention that was shown with what we asked for.  David Stenerson - Scentsy

Sam ! !    I am very pleased with the service you and the staff have provided in assisting the growth of my business. From... taking time to meet with me ..to getting the add just right ! ! !   I am very pleased and will be strongly suggesting to any one interested in advertising to seek out the awesome crew at the coffee news. Robert MacDonald, Operations Manager, Wildlife Control - Alberta

As a relatively new brand, we rely significantly on advertising to attract clients. We carefully track the effectiveness of all  the advertising products that we purchase and,  without rival, the Coffee News has been our most cost-effective form of advertising to date.  We have recently dedicated a larger percentage of our advertising budget to Coffee News! Joe Pendleton, Office Manager, Small Miracles Adoption  

Just letting you know how great it is working with you and your design team. Fast, efficient and changes were exact and prompt. Couldn't ask for better service. Yvonne Shoaf , The Rack Online

Advertising in Coffee News has given me a high increase in calls from potential clients. I receive numerous calls every day and more than half are from Coffee News advertising! I highly recommend Coffee news to small businesses.Thank you Coffee News! David Sinclair - Daves Railings

Wow ! December 6th came and went.....and now I write to you folks to pass on a "Hearty Welsh Thank You ! ". You afforded us space in in your events listing area recently and I swear, more people responded to me from your publication for tickets than from any other source. You helped our not for profit organization to fill our venue yesterday at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. We, of the St. David's Welsh Male Voice Choir in Edmonton will be ever grateful for your very generous help. In hopes that we may approach you again for our Spring Concert. Bob Morgan - St. David's Welsh Male Voice Choir

"Pleased to be working with Kim Diggle at Coffee News in raising awareness of Dec 15/2015 event. Impressive design and layout work in putting our ad together. I read Coffee News waiting for appointments to show up .. looking forward to getting more out to our event using print media. Loan Gowers, North Edmonton Business Association

I just wanted to write and let you know that we are very pleased with the effects The Coffee News has had on the newly-formed Diamonds Travel Club, formerly the Debolt Seniors Club. The ads are professionally done as well as eye-catching and we are enjoying a greater number of inquiries regarding membership and information on our tours departing out of Grande Prairie, than we  did advertising in local newspapers. The Coffee News offered us a great yearly rate which makes it more cost-effective in the long run. As well, our name and our ads are constantly being read each day, and I can change the ads weekly to reflect upcoming tours, at no extra cost to us. I look forward to a long and satisfying relationship between The Diamonds Travel Club and The Coffee News. Keep up the good work! Lynda

Coffee news delivers on everything they promise. The people are great to work with and the ads are unique and stand out. I would not hesitate to recommend coffee news to anyone looking to market their business. Neil Fanjour, Burst Energy

Hi Christa, Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the service I received. You made my experience very pleasant. Jessica Duvenage - Drayton Valley Family Day Home Agency

Thank you, and I HONESTLY LOVE advertising with Coffee News! My business has SOARED these past 3 years and that is partly due to YOU.  Im SOOO glad that COFFEE NEWS was my FIRST advertising choice when I arrived here 3 years ago! Glenn W Nielsen LLCM(TD)

I just wanted to say yourself & your team have been outstanding! I truly appreciate your kindness & the efficiency of organizing my Ad as well as the Design that your team came up with.  Thank You so much. Viviane McCaw

I am pleased to know that there are creative people that can take an idea to another level that makes it a success. I have had ongoing support of Coffee News in regards to my ad, the customer service and knowing that advertising with them has increased my business of a one time client into a repeat client. I am thankful to Coffee news for the ongoing partnership we have established since my business has opened. Kate Harkness, K'Z Kutz

I am extremely happy with my experience dealing with Coffee News. Not only am I getting business from the advertisement, but my rep at the office has sent someone my way as well. I would definiteley advertise with them again. Jenn, Sunflower Bookeeping

Holy... I got a serious hit on my ad yesterday (Dec 23) that was FAST! When did the ad first come out? (December 20). And another unique hit today, this one is definitely serious... we have an appointment scheduled early in the new year. So happy!!!! Barb, Paleo Nutrition

I would like to say Thank you for letting me participate in the Health and Wellness show a few weeks ago. I want you guys to know that we had such a great response from so many people in so many different ways. We all know that it is hard to get a business started from scratch. I am here to tell you that I would never have had such success in the past 7 months if it were not for Coffee News! I would say that the majority of my business comes because I made the best decision to advertise with you. It is nice to know that when Im on the road I can stop in for a coffee and see my ad there for all to see! I want you to know that appreciate everything you do for me. The staff at Coffee News is always finding new ways to reach new clients and always stays in contact with me to invite me to participate in things that I would normally not even be aware of. You guys are the best......I consider you part of my team. Without you I would have a hard time making this work. You are all the best of the best!  Julie - Mainstreet Laser Therapy

Thank you for the support that the coffee news has given us from day one! You are by far the best of any of the companies that we have dealt with. You are very helpful, knowledgeable and truly are looking out for the best interest to help your clients succeed with their ads. We would not hesitate to recommend advertising in the coffee news to anyone. In fact the cost of the ad’s we have placed is minor compared to the results we have received from the coffee news. Choose the coffee news, It Works!!. Jon -  C2C Consignment Store

Besides being a great read, we found advertising in the weekly edition of Coffee News in Edmonton has helped increase awareness of our business! It's a very cost effective advertising and it encompasses a large client base without blowing the budget! Jeffrey Co - ustoreit

We have loved our results from our several ad campaigns however we're getting too many calls (which I guess is good and bad!) We'll definitely recommend to others. Our experience with Coffee News has been great, we just have lots of work. Jennifer

I have had an ad with Coffee News for over 3 years and I have been very happy with the service I have received. I am pleased with the results I have gotten with my ad. I have recommended Coffee News to other business owners. Lee Sheers - Absolute Laser Therapy

Just wanted to pass along a quick hello and let you know that my ad in the Coffee News has generated an awesome amount of business. Youre the best! Julie - Main Street Laser Therapy

We have been advertising with Coffee News regularly over the past two years and have created an advertising agreement for the third year. We are very pleased with the outcomes to date. We survey participants at our events as well as those who donate to the Kidney Car program to identify how they heard of our opportunity. We receive enough reports from the samples surveyed to indicate that Coffee News is read by our market and they respond to the advertising. Also, I find the team at Coffee News very good to work with. We frequently have to change our creative to adjust for various campaigns. Heidi Erisman - Kidney Foundation of Northern Alberta

I just had to let you know that I am extremely happy with advertising in Coffee News®. I have numerous customers who have discovered my business by reading Coffee News® and have driven out of their way to visit my store. This is definitely advertising that is bringing me results, and I would recommend advertising in Coffee News® to anyone who wishes to increase traffic in their establishment. Deb - Crimson Quill - St. Albert, AB

ICoffee News Logistics (Printing)

Hello Walter,

Just a quick note to you and the team to say how much I have appreciated working with you all. The thought of having our printing done in Edmonton and shipping by Greyhound is daunting at best. Despite having 9 different editions broken down to 15 delivery routes, each box arrives as ordered being six weeks or so in, the system is working flawlessly, printing, paper quality, first rate. We are even on first name terms with the Greyhound courier driver who delivers here. I would highly recommend using you to any fellow publisher, and look forward to adding more services as time goes on. Thank you for helping us all look good! Best regards, Alastair Gillespie, Coffee News Winnipeg

I have been using the printing and production services from Coffee News Edmonton for 5 years now.  My proofs are always done well and accurately.  The staff are very accommodating and really go the extra mile for me. Melynda Crampton - Coffee News Mountainview

I switched over from Staples to have my printing done with Walter about 8 months ago.  I really liked the idea of getting the formatting and the printing all done in one place.  The main reason I made the switch at the time was that it seemed like the process to get the paper put together was much simpler than my previous process.  The actually printing at the time did not matter that much to me as Staples was doing an Ok job as well. After using Walter company for the last 8 months I can honestly tell you that his process is much easier and will save you time each week.  Now, with Staples prices being raised, going with Walter's company will not only make your job easier but may also save you money.  Walter has a good staff that seem to know what they are doing and I am very happy with the service I receive. Wes Huffman, Coffee News Calgary South, Okotoks, & High River, 1-855-831-1716


My experience with Coffee News Canada Printing is, and has been, entirely positive. Their patience while assisting to develop my business is excellent. On time delivery and quality is exemplary." Edna Neufeld, Coffee News Cochrane & Canmore, AB

Coffee News Swift Current made a printing change from a local print-shop after 10 years to Capital Marketing (DBA Coffee News Canada Logistics). We couldn't be happier with the great service, print quality & not to mention the quick turn-around printing & shipping, as well as the ability to decrease our monthly expenses. Sheri - Coffee News Swift Current

I’ve switched my printing from Staples to Coffee News Canada Printing in Edmonton, and also my layout. Walter and his staff have been wonderful! They are friendly, courteous and efficient. The turn-around time for printing has been a really nice surprise with Greyhound. Walter’s team shipped on Friday and I received a call from Greyhound on Sunday to inform me CN had arrived. The layout for my CN has improved tremendously. :) I’m a happy camper with making a good business decision to move my printing and layout business to Coffee News Canada's newest printing service with Walter and his team. Walter has given me publishing and layout ‘tips’ that no one else has ever done for me in the past. I really appreciate Walter’s time and wisdom. I Highly Recommend them. Shar Dubas - Coffee News Chilliwack and Sardis

THANK YOU for your excellent work out there, my paper is looking good and had a compliment on it today " not exactly sure what it is, but your paper looks nicer"  and my come back was thank you very much.  I think it has alot to do with the ads and printing...seems much clearer. Have a good weekend. Talk to you next week. Betty - Coffee News Cornwall