Cafe Express

Cafe ExpressCafe Express is Acheson’s newest deli cafe specializing in hot and cold sandwiches as well as specialty coffees. Cafe Express is owned and operated by Carmen and Dave Hrycak.

With over 15 years of customer service experience, we are proud to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere where our customers can sit and enjoy a great meal.

We also know that many of Acheson’s employees get short lunch breaks, so we have created a great phone in order service where you can call ahead and pickup your lunch when you want it.

Cafe Express offers fresh deli sandwiches and hot grilled Panini sandwiches using preservative free breads and natural cheeses. Our menu includes great tasting soups, salads and chili. Besides fresh sandwiches, we offer a large Breakfast menu including Omelettes, Bacon & Eggs, Breakfast Wraps, Breakfast Sandwiches, Monster Rice Krispie Squares and more.

We like to think of ourselves as Acheson’s first true coffee shop. Come in and enjoy a large selection of classic specialty coffees like espresso, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, and hot chocolate with many flavours and toppings. We offer a healthy selection of traditional and herbal teas. And lastly, there is COFFEE. There has been a huge response about our coffee and the smooth flavour it has. All of our coffees are made with softened and filtered water, creating a great taste with very little bitterness.

Cafe Express offers a great Catering Menu which includes fresh sandwich platters, veggie platters, snack platters as well as dessert and fruit platters. This catering menu has been of great value to many businesses as we offer free delivery within Acheson.

We are looking forward to many years of friendly service to our customers within the Acheson community.

Cafe Express is located at #10 221-26229 Twp. Rd. 531A Zone 2 (2 blocks east of Hayworth using Zone 2 entrance) Acheson Industrial Park.