A Vacation on Wheels

By Amy Hancock

Despite the piles of snow that seem to be lingering this spring, somewhere in the not-so-far distance summer is waiting to appear. For many people this means RV season 

is approaching. Are you an avid RV vacationer and need to prepare your unit for summer? Have you always wanted to give "RVing" a try?


Coffee News spoke with Cross Country RV, a full service RV dealer located near Acheson at Glowing Embers RV Park, and they have advice for both.


"This time of year RV owners come in to de-winterize their units," said Milt Vinet of Cross Country RV. "Our RV technicians check for water or gas leaks, bearings, seals, tires and give a general inspection of the RV making sure everything is safe and ready for the season."


Cross Country RV is also an independent franchise of CanaDream RV Rentals. These motor home rentals are perfect for overseas visitors looking to experience Canada's great outdoors up close. They also rent travel trailers, catering to the local community and those interested in giving RVing a try for the first time.


"People from the surrounding area come in and rent a trailer for a week or two, rather than investing in a new RV and realizing they aren't into it." Vinet said.


"Often they'll end up renting it a few times during that first year and then end up buying it the second year." Vinet continued, "Sometimes they buy the same rental!"


There is an RV culture in Canada and those who are a part of it can think of nothing more appealing than taking their mini-home with them as they experience nature and quality time spent with family. This kind of holiday appeals to Canadians and those visiting from abroad. Whether you need a spring tune up, a new RV or want to give one a try this summer with a rental, you can find what you need from our friends at Cross Country RV.


"When you buy an RV you're buying a vacation," said Vinet.


Now THAT is a great investment.