Business Coaching

By Amy Hancock.

"You have to spend money to make money!". Everyone in business has heard this before.  You understand the value of spending money on marketing and advertising, products, services, and staff development; but are

we ensuring that our costs are still showing a return?


“We are all working hard to build successful businesses and when we understand that every time you spend ‘X’ amount of money you will get ‘X’ amount in return we can be more confident in our marketing,” said Laurie McNaughton from ActionCOACH Business Coaching.


It makes perfect sense.  If you spent $1000 and got back $3000 in return, how often would you spend the $1000? You would spend it every chance you could. 


ActionCOACH works with business owners, showing them strategies to build more profit into the business.  They help them buy back some of their own time by developing their teams and systems to maximize profits using resources they already have.


Laurie McNaughton will be giving a seminar on July 5, at 1:30 PM courtesy of Coffee News. Topics will include acquisition costs, allowable acquisition costs, lifetime value of customers, and 5 ways they can maximize profits in their business.


“People will learn strategies that will help them build a more profitable business so they can, number one enjoy the money, but also learn how this will help them work less for that money,” said McNaughton.


This seminar will offer great value to business owners who develop their own marketing strategies, and will help them to understand the process and costs in acquiring, maintaining and keeping clients for the long term.

Register for the ActionCOACH Seminar!

To register for this seminar, simply reply to this email, and in the subject line type "YES! I want to Attend."


Date:       July 5, 2013

Time:       1:30-3:30

Location: To be Determined (Either Coffee News or ActionCOACH office)

Cost :     $20.00 - All proceeds will be donated to the Kidney Foundation of Northern Alberta.


SPECIAL OFFER: Coffee News will cover the fee for Active Coffee News clients!


For more information about this seminar, or ActionCOACH, contact Laurie at or 780-478-0790.