First Aid Requirements for Business Owners

According to the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code every business must ensure that first aid services, equipment and supplies are available to their employees. 

Employers must make sure a certain number of employees have their First Aid Certification.  The number of first aiders required is determined by the number of workers on site, the sites distance from emergency services, and which hazard category the business falls under.


“The government makes first aid training mandatory within business to ensure that health and safety standards are upheld,” said Dominique Graf, owner of Breath for Life (First Aid Education) Inc in Edmonton.


Dominique, who is also a member of the Canadian Red Cross First Aid and Technical Advisory Group that oversees quality assurance of First Aid Programs, also stated, “it is a company’s due diligence to follow the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Code to ensure the safety of the workplace.”


The Occupational Health and Safety Code 2011 stated the exact requirements of employers regarding first aid training, supplies and equipment.  Employers can look for that information in Part 11 First Aid and find their specific requirements in Schedule 2, Table 5.  Access the OHS Code here


It is also important to make provisions and ensure that if your trained first aider calls in sick or goes on holidays, that there are other First Aid certified employees on site.  You should effectively have two or three trained employees in case the certified employee doesn’t show up for their shift.


Breath for Life (First Aid Education) Inc has been providing first aid education for 17 years.  They have multiple locations, class dates and they guarantee their programs will not be cancelled.


On a personal note, Dominique commented, “Eighty percent of the time you are going to do first aid on someone you know and love at home”.


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