Benefits of Storage for Small Business

By Amy Hancock

So many workplaces have become the cluttered with old files, unused office equipment, supplies, and even merchandise.  What should be an efficient and productive area for doing business is shrinking beneath boxes, unused office furniture, and who knows what else. 


It’s time to consider using a storage facility for your business.  There are many benefits, including creating a more productive work environment.


“Business storage is great for freeing up valuable office space and perfect for merchandisers who need more room to get organized,” said Jeffrey Corbett of U-Store-It in Edmonton.  “Office supplies and materials, files, merchandise, promotional and campaign materials can all be stored.”


In addition to reclaiming your workspace, small businesses can use their business storage units to conveniently take care of receiving shipments of merchandise and supplies. 


“Businesses can receive their deliveries through us,” shared Corbett.  “We accept delivery; put it directly in their storage unit, and then the delivery company will send them a notification saying it has been delivered.”


With 5 loading bays, carts, man lifts,  and high ceilings, businesses can be sure their items can be easily moved in and out of storage.  Modern facilities and advanced security gives businesses peace of mind knowing their storage items are  well taken care of until they’re needed again.


Clearing the clutter and organizing your deliveries of supplies and merchandise will increase productivity and make things a little easier around the workplace.


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