Make the most of your Winter Escape

As winter blows into town it triggers a seemingly annual Google search for tropical holiday destinations.  We might not be in the brunt of it yet, but those who live in the prairies know that by January or February a getaway to somewhere warm (anywhere warm) will be necessary.



“We’re getting into our busy season because of all the winter travelers,” said Angie Garred of Dive Outfitters, an Edmonton-based company offering scuba diving and snorkeling courses and equipment. 


Snorkeling is a popular activity on warm destination holidays.  Dive Outfitters offers high quality snorkeling gear and instructional courses in the NAIT swimming pool.  Even the most wary landlocked beginner can learn basic skills before hitting the ocean.


“We start off with basic floating in the water so people who are not totally comfortable in water can get the hang of it.  Then usually by the end of the hour class everyone is able to give to the bottom of the deep tank,” said Garred.


Scuba diving is also a very popular activity in tropical locations.  Viewing fish, marine life, sea plants and coral is an incredible experience.  Dive Outfitters offers scuba diving pool and classroom training year round.


“You can take the pool and classroom training here in Edmonton and then finish off your certification by doing your actual dives while on holiday.”  Garred continued, “When you’re on holiday you take a referral letter from us to a local diving instructor to do your open water dives.”


Most people do their four required dives on holiday over two days.  Although you’re with an instructor, you’re still on real dives viewing the colourful marine life of that region.

Get started by visiting or call toll free 888-483-0049.  A full course information including class schedules are all on their website.