Out with the Old In with the New

As our cities expand more and more homeowners are interested in living centrally in well-established neighbourhoods instead of in the far reaches of suburbia.  As a result, infill housing has become more popular.  Municipal governments support infill housing and see the benefits of reducing suburban sprawl and using existing city infrastructure.  For those planning on demolishing an older house to rebuild on a city lot, there are a few things to consider.

“You want to find a demolition contractor that is covered by WCB, has insurance, a proper license, safety recognition awards and good reputation,” said Steven Knight of B&B Demolition Ltd. in Edmonton.  “Make sure whoever you hire didn’t start their business yesterday and won’t leave your house half demolished.  You really need to do your homework before making that decision”

When researching and contacting demolition contractors, make sure you ask if they will meet you on site to provide an estimate on the project.  Once you’ve decided on a company that you would like to proceed on the project with, they should make sure your permits are in place, often a service they provide for a small fee, and that the utilities are safely disconnected.  Then comes demolition day!


 “We go in with heavy equipment and take down the house or garage,” said Knight.  “It’s a pretty cool sight and homeowners are welcome to watch!”

B&B Demolition Ltd. takes care of all of the waste removal including the concrete foundation below the building.  They leave the lot clean and ready for another company to come in and start digging the foundation for the new infill dwelling.

B&B Demolition Ltd. is a four time winner of the Consumer Choice Award for the years 2012 through 2015. .  You can learn more about them at www.bbdemo.com.