Coffee News - In the News

Edmonton Business Talk WEBA Publication
By Amy Hancock
Walter Heuvingh of Coffee News was recognized as a Franchise Leader in Edmonton Business Talk in an Entrepreneur Profile written by Ingrid Schifer.  Edmonton Business Talk is a publication of the West Edmonton Business Association.  Here are some tidbits from the article:

After 16 years at Ford Motor Company, Walter Heuvingh pursued his dream of owning his own business.  Coffee News allows him to meet new people, network and give back to the community.

Coffee News Northern Alberta is the largest Coffee News franchise in the world!  It won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2010 Annual International Conference for Coffee News.

The article asks Walter what he has learned so far on his entrepreneurial journey.  "So much about marketing!" he replied.  "The need to be consistent and incorporate different avenues of advertising."

For affordable advertising that gives results to local small businesses, try out Coffee News - and say hi to Walter.

Read the full article in Edmonton Business Talk Magazine.