When Winter Won't end

By Amy Hancock

March might be the most difficult month to ‘get through’ for many Canadians.  Winter has been raging on for months and with wind chills continuing to blast temperatures below the -20 level it feels like there is no end in sight.


Small business owners can make the most of this dreary season by bringing a little early-spring cheer to the workplace and sharing it with their customers.  Here are some tips to defeat the never-ending-winter blues that might be good for business too:

Send flowers to your customers.  Flowers remind us of spring.  They spruce up any space and when given as a gift they make us feel special.  Send your top clients a spring bouquet ‘just because’ thanking them for your business.  Buy an extra bouquet and put it in your office.  It will make you feel better too.

Have a party and offer specials.  Plan, decorate and celebrate!  Hold a St. Patrick’s Day event for your customers.  Offer specials on your products and services, decorate your place of business, and offer free refreshments.  You could also have a First Day of Spring event on March 20th.  Promote it on social media, an email marketing campaign and on your website using refreshing spring images.

Tidy up your workspace and open the blinds.  An organized workspace increases productivity.  De-cluttering can also de-stress and you’ll be ready for spring (should it finally arrive).  If it’s a sunny day open the blinds or curtains and let the natural sunlight flood in!


Do you have any ideas for beating the winter blues that could also be good for business?  Share them with us on our Facebook Page.