Obtaining & Retaining Quality Employees

Hiring employees is one of the greatest challenges small business owners face.  You’re business is growing and you require skilled, qualified employees that will grow with it and help you to expand it even further. 


The first thing business owners usually do is a post an advertisment all over the internet or in the newsletter, attracting all kind of non-relevant resumes.  Sure, you’re getting applicants but they’re likely the wrong applicants.  It’s a waste of time and resources.


“In order to find quality employees you have to understand your talent market.  Research it and develop strategies to reach it the same way you would your product market share,” said Bruce Baker of HR All-In Inc.  “If you tailor the proposition you’re putting out to that market you will have the right people apply.”


The right people for your business are out there.  They’re likely happily employed and successful, but always exploring for a greater opportunity to grow.  By marketing your business as that great opportunity you can reach them.


“You have to differentiate your business in the talent market.  Approach it in the same way you would finding new customers because the mental process a potential employee will have about joining your business is the same as a customer would have when deciding to buy from you,” said Baker.


Similar strategies are required when evaluating and selecting applicants for an interview.  In order to find the right fit for your company you have to have a strategy for making a selection, know how to interview that person to determine if they’re the right match.


“Unfortunately 9 out of 10 businesses don’t really know how to conduct an interview properly and they could end up wasting time and money.”  Baker continues, “Where the average is a 20 to 30 percent accuracy rate, having a strategy going in can increase that to 90 percent.”


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