Balancing Business & Family

The kids are going back to school and while most articles in the Coffee News newsletter focus on marketing for small business, we thought we would touch on another very important topic:  balancing business life with family life.  If you’re a parent AND a small business owner, you know that the fall is a busy time and it can be difficult to find a good routine. 

An article from National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) from the United States gave some tips for entrepreneurs with families to help keep the peace and stay organized (or get organized!) during this hectic time.  We've summarized some of their great advice:

Find a routine and be consistent:  It might be difficult to adjust to earlier bedtimes, getting kids up, dressed, fed and out the door with everything they need for school.  Building a clear routine can help streamline the process.  

Keep a schedule and communicate it:  You use a calendar to track your meetings and business deadlines.  Do the same for your family and put it somewhere everyone can see it.  Each day, review it.  That includes soccer practises, chore schedules, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Plan ahead:  Planning ahead ties into keeping a routine.  For example, have easy and healthy breakfast foods accessible in the morning.  Keep your family schedule in your day timer so you don’t forget to pack soccer uniform for after school practise or worse, someone’s lunch!

Make room for fun and relaxing as a family:  Make sure you all get much needed downtime.  If you need to, put it in the schedule and block it out just as you would a business meeting.  Spend time with your family just enjoying each other and remember to save some time to take care of yourself too!