Supporting Persons with Developmental Disabilities

By Amy Hancock

With recent cuts to the provincial budget many people feared the worst for some of Alberta’s important social programs, including the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD).  The Alberta Human Services has stated that the PDD isn’t being cut.  “It is being transformed to ensure it achieves the best results for the people supported by the program and to ensure that people get the services they need.”

Coffee News has an invested interest in supporting persons with developmental disabilities.  We work with agencies in smaller communities and help provide delivery jobs for some of their clients with disabilities.  In many cases these clients would not be able to work without assistance. Through this employment with Coffee News these individuals are learning job skills and social skills, among other things,” said Walter Heuvingh of Coffee News.

By using agency provided job coaches, individuals are able to receive on-the-job training and assistance.  Although some clients are unable to drive, the job coach takes them to each distributor and the individual goes inside to make the actual delivery. “They are getting out there, connecting with the people in the restaurants and are able to make a little extra money that might help improve their quality of life,” said Heuvingh.

“A mother of one of our employees told us her son has improved dramatically in the last 6 years he’s been delivering Coffee News.”  Walter continued, “in the beginning he would shy away from people and now he is totally socialable and even participating in our meetings!” Coffee News is proud to be able to support persons with developmental disabilities and it is our way of giving back to the community.  By supporting us, you are an important contributor to this cause.  Thank you!

For more information on PPD visit Alberta Human Services.