Time For a New Roof

By Amy Hancock

It might finally be safe to assume that winter is over and the snow has officially gone away. This time of year homeowners turn their home maintenance focus from indoors to out. It’s been years since you’ve thought about the condition of your roof. How can you tell if it’s time for a new one? “If you’re shingles are starting to curl it’s definitely time for a new roof,” said Dominik Plaza of Fair and Square Roofing. “You can also look for missing shingles or shakes on the roof and see if there is much debris on the ground from shingles breaking and falling off.” Aging shingles might also start to ‘pit’. This is when the layer of granules that cover the asphalt beneath start to fall off showing black patches. It also might be a sign that moisture is trapped between the asphalt and granules.

“Roofs usually last about 20 years, so if it’s been more than 15 years since you’ve had it done it might be time to start thinking about it,” said Plaza. The quality of shingles produced today is also better than it was years ago and these newer shingles could last longer than 20 years. Having a new roof not only improves your homes curb appeal and property value, it also makes your home more energy efficient and could help you save money. Old, peeling shingles can lead to a leak in your roof and once water infiltrates your home it could possibly develop mold. Then you have a whole new set of problems!

How about some advice for those do-it-yourselfers? “You can do it by yourself if you really make sure you know what you’re doing beforehand. The shingles you buy will come with instructions so make sure you read those carefully and follow them exactly,” shared Plaza. “Do the research and make sure you are putting down the proper under-layment before starting.

“Most importantly, make sure you are putting your own safety first! For more information on roofing and Fair and Square Roofing visit www.fsroofing.ca.