Marketing Strategy – The Rule of Seven

How can I ensure that my advertisements have the effect I want?

This is the age-old question that marketers have been trying to answer since the advent of advertising. With an advertising landscape that is constantly changing, it can seem like the rules are always in flux, but there are some marketing fundamentals that have stood the test of time and still hold weight. One such principle is the Rule of Seven.

What is the Rule of Seven?

The name ‘Rule of Seven’ derives from an old marketing adage that states that the average person needs to be exposed to your message approximately seven times before it will influence their behaviour – be that inspiring them to make a purchase, visit your store or take some other kind of action.

In reality, it likely takes more than seven exposures in today’s world for your ad to have an impact on the average person, but the basic idea remains the same – the more times your ad is seen, the more effective it is. Meaning, it’s your goal as an advertiser to try and ensure that potential customers are being exposed to your marketing as frequently as possible.

How Do We Apply the Rule of Seven to Modern Marketing?

In today’s marketing world there’s more competition for your customers’ attention than ever before. Without a persistent advertising strategy that takes advantage of all the tools at your disposal, it’s easy to be lost in the shuffle of social media posts and online ads.

If you want to increase the number of exposure points for your marketing message and get noticed, you’ll want to follow these marketing strategy tips!

  1. Use a Combination of Digital and Traditional Marketing.

Having a diverse marketing strategy can go a long way to increasing the number of times someone interacts with your advertisements. Social media platforms are a vital tool that allow advertisers to easily build relationships with their customers; however, traditional forms of advertising such as radio ads and print advertisements can also have a powerful impact on consumers. Neither avenue should be ignored. Using a combination of digital and traditional advertising allows you to benefit from the strengths of both formats and spread the reach of your marketing message further than either could achieve alone.

  • Take Advantage of Ad Remarketing Strategies

If you’re placing paid online ads through platforms such as Google or Facebook, there are advertising strategies available to you that allow you “remarket” your ads to people who have interacted with your ads or website in the past. This ensures that potential customers who have shown interest in your products or services before are being exposed to your ads multiple times, increasing the effectiveness of your efforts.

  • Build on Each Exposure

As you’re implementing the above strategies keep in mind that, while you want your ads to deliver a consistent message, every type of ad doesn’t need to be exactly the same to achieve the benefits of increased exposure. Your social media posts can expand on your print advertisements and offer more details on your products or services. Your remarketing campaign can answer common questions or address any issues that might have arisen since your initial advertisement. In this way, you can grow your relationship with your customers and avoid any potential annoyance with the repetitiveness of your ads.

Hopefully these tips will help you to take advantage the Rule of Seven to increase the impact of your marketing campaigns. Remember that diversifying the kinds of advertisements you use is an easy first step to increasing the strength of your marketing efforts.

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