The Advantages of Traditional Advertising

In this busy modern era, you’ve likely heard a lot about how digital marketing can benefit your business and received plenty of advice on how to utilize it to boost your brand. While digital marketing is certainly a useful tool to have in your belt when you’re trying to reach an audience, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only advertising game in town.

Traditional forms of advertising still offer an effective means of building your audience and communicating with your customers. They also present opportunities that digital marketing channels don’t!

What is Traditional Advertising?

In essence, traditional advertising refers to marketing methods that aren’t online. This includes things like print media, TV commercials, radio ads and direct mail, amongst other strategies. Think any form of marketing that was in use before the digital era.

The Advantages of Traditional Advertising

So, how exactly can traditional advertising boost your brand and what benefits does it offer over digital marketing?

Traditional advertising has several perks that you can use to get an edge. Here are 5 advantages that traditional advertising has over other forms of marketing:

They’re Hard to Ignore

If you’re placing ads on local television stations or billboards, you’re going to get noticed. Traditional advertising can offer a lot of exposure since it puts your message out into the real world. You can leave an even bigger impact on your audience if you’re utilizing multiple marketing channels at once, since you can surround people with your ads.

They Can Better Reach Your Local Audience

When you run an ad on a radio station or place an ad in your local paper, you’ll reach your local audience in a way that feels less corporate and more personal than a generic ad someone sees randomly while online. You’ll show potential customers that you’re a part of their local community and they’ll feel more connected to you as a result.

They Appear More Credible

While traditional forms of advertising may feel less exciting than digital ads, most people view traditional ads as more trustworthy. This is likely because traditional forms of marketing, such as print ads or television commercials, are more established and people associate them with stable, professional brands. By extension, traditional advertisements will make your company appear more dependable.

They’re Less Time Consuming in the Long Run

Putting together copy for a print ad or designing a billboard might seem like a lot of work, but you can get a lot of mileage out of traditional forms of marketing. Traditional advertisements leave a big impression, and you can often reuse the same ads or materials multiple times. Conversely, digital marketing requires a steady stream of new material if you want to stay relevant. New social media posts, new videos and new content for your weekly newsletters. Keeping up with it all can prove to be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team.

They’re More Tangible

How many times have you seen an ad online that interested you, only to forget the name of the business later when you’re actually ready to make a purchase? Brochures, business cards and other tangible advertising materials act as physical reminders of your promotions, offers and services and will ensure that you don’t get forgotten with a little passage of time. They’re great ways to keep in touch with your customers!

Depending on your business and what audience you’re trying to reach, traditional forms of advertising can offer a lot of advantages over digital advertising. Of course, a combination of the two approaches can also ensure that your business is getting the best of both worlds, so don’t feel like you need to just stick to one approach.

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