Welcome to Coffee News

Are you a small business seeking advertising options that don’t break the bank? Coffee News® is a weekly, one page publication, distributed free of charge to local restaurants, coffee shops, medical offices, and anywhere else people gather. Coffee News® is an entertaining, upbeat publication that provides patrons with a pleasant diversion while they wait. Coffee News® was designed as an alternative to expensive traditional print advertising because it provides local businesses with an inexpensive, highly effective and highly visible outlet for their ads. Click here to learn more.

What makes us Different?

• Your ads are placed on the front or back page of this free and widely distributed publication-never in the middle! • Your ad comes with “exclusivity”. Each edition is limited to one advertiser per business sector. • There will be “no competing advertisers” in your sponsored publications!

Fun for Everyone!

Everything in Coffee News® is fun, entertaining and positive – no bad news here! Filled with unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, horoscopes and amazing facts, it is a big breath of FRESH AIR to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only the bad news. Coffee News® also highlights What’s Happening in your community each week. Take a few moments to explore our site and read more about Coffee News® and its unique benefits to advertisers, restaurants and your local community.

Our Network

Coffee New is much bigger than just one town or community. It is published in 9 countries. Over 10 million copies of Coffee News are published each week. We are able to arrange to have your ad published throughout Alberta, Western Canada, all of Canada or even the world. Capital Marketing publishes Coffee News throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. With over 68 editions, and approximately 80 towns and cities under our umbrella, you’ll be sure to find a Coffee News in your community. Click here for more advertising information.

Celebrating Coffee News


Who is this Coffee News Guy?

He doesn’t have a name—he’s just the Coffee News Guy—but you know him. His cheerful, waving self is in the front of the crowd at the top of every edition of every Coffee News, no matter the city, country, or language. He looks good in tan. He’s usually hidden somewhere else in the paper, and if you find him, you might win a prize pack from your local publisher. The cartoon version of the Coffee News Guy represents what Coffee News always has been about: he’s cheerful, he’s friendly, he’s funny. He offers a break from a busy lifestyle and negative news, giving readers the brief distraction of interesting tidbits, quotes, jokes, and uplifting predictions about their own lives. The Coffee News Guy knows all this. That’s why he’s smiling and waving. Welcome to the family. Enjoy.

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