Coffee News
currently distributes to over 15000 locations across Canada, providing over 1 Million readers lighthearted and positive news from around the world each week. Within the Capital Marketing Trade area, over 2000 locations receive Coffee News on a regular basis.

We offer delivery of the paper to our partners at no cost, in exchange for some table or counter space to display them on. We’ll even provide the Stands so that the area stays tidy and professional looking.

Why Distribute Coffee News?

  1. Distributed weekly – giving your patrons a fresh paper to read regularly
  2. Positive content – all good news here. Coffee News is a lighthearted break during a hectic day.
  3. Encourages return customers – patrons seek out Coffee News because they love it! (we get calls all the time asking where readers can find them)
  4. BEST OF ALL – It’s FREE to our distributing partners.