You Found the Coffee News Guy! What Now?

Enter your contact details to the right to submit an entry for our popular Find the Coffee News Guy contest and your chance to win a share of a $400 Prize pack in Coffee News Bucks.  Coffee News Bucks are redeemable for products and services at over 300 participating sponsors throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Please note that by submitting your entry online, your information will NOT be sold or provided to any other company, but will be included in the Coffee News monthly newsletter distribution. 4 winners will be randomly chosen on or around the 15th of each month.

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Winners: Redeem your “Bucks” at these Participating Sponsors.

Recent Winners(drawn May 5)
Janette Groenewold
Kevin Glennie
Cathy Meidinger
Debbie Browne

Your Prizes are in the mail.

Past Winners:

March (drawn Mar 28)                 February (drawn Feb 16)
Chelsey MacElheren                              Nessa Bourque
Gursharan Kaur                                      Gloria Taylor
Chelsey Chestire                                     Diane Senko
M. Langman                                            Berta Strembicke

January (drawn Jan 23)               December (drawn Dec 15)
Brenda Murphy                                     Lakeisha Guthrie
Maddie Hunt                                          Pat Bedry
Devon Kison                                           Jamie O’Neil
Angelino Paplin                                     Bernie General