6 Types of Print Ads You Should Have in Your Arsenal

print ads

Print Ads can be an effective way to reach your target market when and where they make their purchase decisions. Choosing the right type of ad at the right time can help your message land. Using a combination of print ad formats can drive your message home and improve brand awareness. Let’s look at the different print ads you can use and best practices when designing them.

1.  Direct Mail

Direct mail is a powerful tool for reaching specific audiences. You can target audiences based on their demographics (geography, income bracket) their interests, website activity and more. Direct mail can be more of an expensive option, as you’re buying a customer list and paying for distribution to reach the ideal target market. It’s less intrusive than door to door sales calls or telemarketing and has a similar effect. They can come in various formats (postcards, brochures, flyers) and should feature bright and concise images and messages with a strong call to action.

2.  Publications, Newspapers, Catalogs & Magazines

Catalog and magazine advertising is another way to reach niche audiences. Targeting niche publications can help to you reach your curated audience and get them to engage with your brand. Again, high-quality images and concise calls to action are ideal to increase foot traffic, sales or inquiries. Remember to keep your main objective in mind when designing magazine & catalog ads to ensure your ad will receive the desired action.

3.  Brochures

Brochures are excellent ways to take complex product or service information and summarize this information concisely. They can be used in direct mail campaigns, displayed at your store location, exchanged at tradeshows and more. Brochures alone (outside of direct mail campaigns) are cost-effective ways to reach your target market to convey your message and encourage actions such as purchase decisions or requests for additional information. Highlight your product or service with bright, engaging imagery and concise, point form summaries with strong calls to action throughout.

4.  Posters

Posters are often found in high-traffic areas. They are cost effective when displayed in your place of business and are great for sales, new products or limited time offers. A well-designed poster can encourage a store visitor to take action such as purchase decisions or service add-ons when they’re already in the mood to shop.

5.  Banners

Banners are another great option for highlighting new products, events or sales for prospects already visiting your establishment or onsite event. Like posters, these work best in high-traffic areas and can be used as a sales tool to educate your prospect and encourage further actions. These large format print ads come in a variety of styles and materials, from vinyl banners to retractable banners with stands.

6.  Door Hangers

These print ads are designed to fit around door handles at people’s homes. Similar to direct mail, they can be used to target specific areas to advertise sales, services, grand openings and more. They are ideal when you’re targeting a specific area and if you deliver them yourself, are much more cost-effective than direct mailers. Since they appear on the prospect’s door handle, they are likely to get their attention right away. Again, use bright and engaging imagery and a strong call to action to ensure success. VistaPrint has affordable options for Door Hanger Printing.

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