Advantage of Traditional Print for Non-Profits

Effective marketing is crucial for non-profits and charities to achieve a successful campaign, and word-of-mouth alone is just not doing it. Working with a strict budget and a small team of volunteers with limited time can make getting the word out about your fundraiser or event seem like a moving target. You want to ensure that any funds spent on marketing will be worth it. It goes without saying; your non-profit will need to make the most out of every dime that goes into marketing.

Enter; local print advertising.

Community Focus

Traditional print remains an accessible medium that is highly tailored to local communities. That makes print advertising a fantastic way for local non-profits to spread the word about fundraisers, events, and groups of like-minded individuals to people who want to feel connected to their communities.

Trusted Information Source

Even today, the internet can still feel like a kind of ‘wild west.’ The online world is still in the process of developing solid policies and laws surrounding the creation and use of digital content. This uncertainty can turn potential donors, members, or volunteers away from lesser-known causes. With decades of policy development and quality standards, print advertising does not face such a setback. Traditional print remains the most trusted form of advertisement.

The quality of your reach is important, as is accessibility. The more people that see you and what you do, the more likely you are to achieve your campaign goals, be it reaching a target amount in donations, or getting new volunteers or members to grow your organization.

With traditional print, you can be sure that not only are potential donors or volunteers getting the word about your non-profit, but that they can also trust you.

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