Design Tips for Print Advertisements

Advertisements give you the opportunity to do more than just tell readers what you offer and how to contact you. A carefully crafted ad can tell a story to the viewer about who you are and help them to connect to your business.

That’s why, when you sit down to create an ad, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking advantage of this opportunity to convey a strong message through a well-designed, visually appealing ad.

Why Good Design is Important for Print Ads

Incorporating principles of graphic design into your print ads will help your advertisement to stand out, draw in the reader and leave them with a positive impression of your business. A well-designed ad will be more memorable and ensure that readers walk away with a clearer idea in their mind of what your company or organization is all about.

Design Tips for Print Advertisements

There are a lot of elements to consider when designing an ad, but here are a few simple tips to help you put together a strong and visually appealing advertisement:

  1. Keep it simple

Cluttered ads are difficult to read and tend to look unprofessional. The eye doesn’t know what to focus on when there are too many components vying for attention and your message might wind up getting lost. Focus on the most important information, get straight to the point and ensure that you have a clear call to action.

Consider using simple fonts that are easy to read and don’t be afraid to make use of white space to make the important elements of your ad stand out.

  • Stay Brand Consistent

Your ad should be representative of your brand. Incorporate your brand colours and fonts where possible and ensure that your graphics and the overall look of the ad reflects the general impression that you want to convey of your company.

For example, if you’re targeting a younger demographic and want to come across as bold and exciting, your ad can communicate this with simple design choices such as using bright or contrasting colours and placing the text at dramatic angles. Conversely, harmonious color choices and more standard text layouts will help you come across as solid and trustworthy to the reader.

  • Feature Strong Visuals

Powerful visuals can communicate more about your business than a whole paragraph of text. Select images that elicit emotions in the viewer by telling a story, drawing on nostalgia or evoking sensations.  

Whatever graphics you choose to incorporate, ensure that you’re using high quality images so they will appear crisp and beautiful in your ad. A blurry or distorted image isn’t going to have the same impact as one that is clear and attractive.

  • Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to try new things or get a little out there with your ads. Visual jokes or unusual design choices like using a black background can make your ads stand out from the pack and ensure the reader doesn’t forget you.

Hopefully these design tips will have given you some ideas for how to lay out your next exciting advertisement. If you’re ready to start designing your ad and would like to learn more about our advertising specifications, give us a call 780-220-6397.