How to Build Local Brand Awareness

If you own a small business, local customers are probably your main source of revenue, and your marketing strategy should be focusing on attracting those buyers. This means you need a more focused approach to your advertising, rather than the broader methods that’re more effective when marketing a business on a national or international scale.

If you want to boost your business’ presence in your local community, it’s time to go a step beyond simply getting your name out there and to instead invest in promoting local brand awareness.

What is Local Brand Awareness

Local brand awareness encompasses more than just whether people are familiar with your business’ name or logo. Rather, it refers to the perception that your business is a vital part of the community and is invested in the local area and people.

By cultivating local brand awareness, you can improve the perception of your business and foster greater brand loyalty from your local customer base.

How to Build Local Brand Awareness

There are a number of ways your business can get more involved with the community and foster stronger relationships with your clientele.

Here are 5 Tips for Building Local Brand Awareness.

  1. Get Out to Local Events

Meeting someone face to face and talking with them directly will leave a stronger impression than just about any other approach. People are much more likely to remember you after an in-person meeting and your business will seem more tangible and trustworthy. Get to know the people in your community by signing up for a booth at local farmers markets, conventions or other events. You’ll be able to answer questions in-person and offer samples or demonstrations to show off your products. Offering giveaways or prizes is a fun way you can attract attention to your booth and leave people with a positive impression. If there aren’t any convenient events happening in your area, try hosting one instead!

  • Support Local Causes

People in your community care about that community and will appreciate businesses that show that they care too. Demonstrate to your customers that you are striving to make a positive impact by supporting local causes. For example, sponsoring a local event or school sports team both benefits the community and gives your business great exposure. People will be able to see how you’re contributing to the community and will walk away with a more positive impression of you.

  • Highlight Your Unique Story

Every business has a distinctive story around what its mission is, how it was created and how it’s changed and adapted over the years. Tell your story on your website, social media accounts and other marketing materials. This will help people to feel more connected to you and allow more of your brand’s unique character to shine through.

  • Make it Easy for People to Find You

If you’re relying on local business, you want to make it easy for people to discover you and find out more about your business when they’re searching online. To this end, you’ll want to work on your local search engine optimization (SEO). Start by creating a Google business profile and Microsoft business listing with your business address or service area. This is an easy way to give your business more visibility in local search results.

  • Use Local Forms of Advertising

When creating your marketing strategy, make sure you are taking advantage of local forms of traditional advertising to reach your target demographic. Traditional forms of advertising are often viewed as more trustworthy, and your brand will benefit from the positive association. Try sending out a press release to your local paper, running an ad campaign on a popular local radio station or placing an ad in your local Coffee News publication!

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