The Jerry Forbes Centre: A Non-Profit’s Success Story with Print Advertising

Still wondering what you can accomplish with Coffee News print advertising? Take a look at the glowing words of one of our favourite non-profits, the Jerry Forbes Foundation .Read about their journey with Coffee News to print advertising success!

A Little About the Non-Profit

“We are the Jerry Forbes Centre Foundation. Our vision is to provide spaces where non-profits can come together and deliver programs to the community.”

What We Needed

“We opened the Centre in 2018, moving into the building over the year. Then COVID hit, and though we stayed open, we never launched an awareness campaign. We needed brand recognition, so when people hear ‘Jerry Forbes’, they become familiar with it. We wanted people to sit down, pick up the paper, read it, and have ‘Jerry Forbes’ sticking with them.”

Why We Chose Traditional Print

“Cost. Non-profits must be especially mindful of their spend, and other forms of marketing are hard to quantify. With two pages, the chances of not reading are unlikely, and other forms are easy to miss what was printed.”

How We Know Coffee News

“Oh, we knew about Coffee News for as long as I can remember. I would see their papers in coffee shops, restaurants, and I actually met Walter at a Chamber of Commerce event. We talked about Walter’s commitment to community, his support for the non-profit sector, and I was reassured that we’d be in good hands.”

Our Expectations

“We had no quantifiable goals, as it’s not a sales situation. Coffee News also has a long-standing history; they have tremendous credibility, and Coffee News has stood test of time. They are also one of the few print mediums that spoke to the Edmonton people primarily, with Edmontonians as the primary target.”

The Steps We Took

“We focused on three aspects; “25 charities and non-profits served, with 93,000 square feet, and over 200,000 Albertans (now over 500,000) have benefited from our Centre”. We had a conversation with Walter, and he helped us with understanding logistics in design. The beauty of it is we just popped the dimensions into Canva and made it that way, it was very cost effective. Then it was the proofing and suggested changes. It was a quick process, it turned around in just a couple of days, it’s a very simplistic process. We had a QR code added as well to head to the website.”

The Verdict

“We have an ongoing ad, taking it quarter by quarter. We’re even thinking of sliding into the ‘What’s Happening’ section. We’re happy to be able to support Coffee News and we encourage other non-profits to use ad spaces. We want to help open a market for Coffee News. We did actually get a phone call about our ad in Coffee News, so we do know it’s working.”

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