Print Ad Ideas That Make Readers Look Twice

If you’re feeling like your print ads are starting to blend into the ocean of ink and broadsheet beaches, then perhaps it’s time to make a ripple. Take a breath, drink some water, and have a good stretch. It’s time to change the way you look at the space where you place your ads.

Provoke Thought

Rather than sticking to just what we’re all familiar with, get your readers to think. Don’t just ask them a question; encourage them to ask their own questions. Captivate your audience with content and design that makes them stop and really think about what they’re reading or seeing. One way to do this is by drawing the reader to have a look at a different perspective, placing them in another’s shoes.

Use The Medium Itself

Your ad can be more than just a two-dimensional element; also keep in mind the tangible aspect of your ad space. Consider the material that your ad will be on, as well as how it’s held and used. Some companies have used multiple pages in their magazines or brochures to create an interactive marketing experience for consumers, such as folding a page to complete an image or show a change in perspective entirely. This is a benefit unique to print advertisements that digital marketing can’t quite touch.

Trick The Eyes

Humans can’t resist a good optical illusion. Use illusions to creatively provoke readers to study your ad closer. This is a great way to incorporate metaphors visually as well to help you tell a story. Illusions are incredible displays of perspective, not to mention they’re just quite fun for people to look at!

Be Relatable

In an ever-digitizing world, people are always looking for connection. Show your audience that you are more than a logo or a product; you’re a person too (or a team of people). Add a human element to your advertising efforts using humour, awareness, and keeping up with social trends.

Use these ideas to bring your ads to life, jumping out of the page and into the memories of your audience. Readers won’t just see your ads; they’ll remember them. Ready to start your own unique advertising venture? Contact Coffee News to get started!