July 8/2024

Some comments about our NEW ONLINE Coffee News feature!

Hello Sam, Thanks so much for your email!  I did want to say a long overdue thank you for supplying the Coffee News electronically during the pandemic.  We were able to share it with our tenants electronically and it was very well received.Sincerely, Geanette Phillips  Calgary Heritage Housing

Wow! That is so great to get! Now, my husband and I can continue to quiz each other on the trivia!! Thank you for making your paper digital during this time of social change. Sincerely, Lavonne and Bob

Thanks for doing this. My husband and I LOVE Coffee News! We are in our early 40s- it is a tradition for us to read and find the little coffee news guy when we go out to our favourite restaurants for breakfast/brunch. Great publication! Charlene Roberge/ Kurt Werner

Thank you for doing this in our time of crisis. Much appreciated ! Allan Konash

Good morning Walter :). I love the Coffee News. Thank-you for sending this e-mail.  When I open the link to the website it brings up Alberta and Saskatchewan. Is there a different link for B.C. ?  I realize the main content is the same, just the advertisements would be different. again, thank-you very much. Lou Hill


Hi thank you so much  ,haven’t been going anywhere because of the virus,we enjoy the coffee gal for ” lucky numbers” lol, so much as when our friend comes from one way she always stops along the way to make sure we have the latest  edition. Thank you again. Gloria Birnie-Browne


How thoughtful, thank you. Leigh Rodgers